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Rocad 706 SDC

Rocad 706 SDC is a newer version of our classic 706 WAC. It has more user friendly spaces towards the front, with space for both sun tanning, fishing and more. 

The 706 gives you a real feeling of stability and weight in the water thanks to out unique construction of the ground stock, using both lengthwise and widthwise beams.

This model, like all the other Rocad models, uses air cushions so that you can feel safe as it’s close to unsinkable.

Length: 7,06 m

Width: 2.38 m

Weight: 950 kg

Engine max: 223 kW/300 hk

Fuel Tank: 165 l

Max. persons: 6 persons

Max. weight: 655 kg

Color: blue/silver or yellow/silver

Garanti: 3 years on the hull

Made by: Lars Sköld

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