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Rocad 560 SD

Rocad 560 SD is similar to the 560 SP but with a completely new layout. The steering console has been moved forward which gives you more space in the back of the boat. It’s also 10 cm (3.9 inches) wider, deeper and taller, which gives the driver more space. 

The standard model comes with a bench for standing and/or sitting with space for four people, as well as storage.

The front deck of the boat has been raised from the steering console onwards, which gives plenty of space for fishing or enjoying the sun. It also has two large storage spaces.

The new 560 SD has a significantly larger splashwell which provides better accessibility for both you and for providing service on the boat.

Length: 5.60 m

Width: 2.12 m

Weight: 500 kg

Engine max: 75 kW/100 hk

Fuel Tank: 90 l

Max. persons: 5 persons

Max. recommended weight: 535 kg

Color: blue/silver or yellow/silver

Garanti: 3 years on the hull

Made by: Lars Sköld

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